Garski in the studio_retouch_2.jpg

I am a meticulous and unapologetic non-binary artist.

Photo by Heather Kolnick

I create observational paintings, installations, and performances that confront the limiting portrayals of the gendered body throughout art history and popular culture.

My work addresses the state of psychological duality that is encouraged by the gender binary. In Western culture, heterosexuality and cis-gendered identification is considered the default. Anyone presenting and identifying outside of this binary is subject to question, humiliation, and violence. My artwork provides the viewer with representations of the grief that results from oppressive gender norms. I am equally invested in envisioning a future outside of these limitations.

My visuals are rooted in the mystery of the body as it reacts to constraint. Elements of physical duration are evident in my two dimensional work and performances/ installations. Bodies are doubled, exposed, strained, and humiliated as the legitimacy of the duality of the self is questioned. Conventional modes of looking that have been defined by oppositional relationships between mind and body, femininity and masculinity, and artist and model are challenged.

The fundamental goal of my work is to provide my audience with genuine visual admissions of my vulnerability. Doing so requires a fierce, altruistic commitment to unearthing painful personal truths.

I can spin my sorrow into gold. But I refuse to clean up anyone’s mess with my silence.